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Forum Rules

Welcome to the forums! Please heed the forum rules so we can all have a generally pleasant time in here!

  1. You must be 18 years of age or older and of legal age in your country to view adult content.
    These forums are not separated by age gates and my work appeals heavily to some real freaky sorts. Things probably gonna get nasty in here from time to time. If you're a sweet innocent little bean, go check out our Discord instead, where there are channels more appropriate for you. Anyone found to be lying about their age will be banned without warning. I am not fucking around here. My understanding of US law is that if I don't do otherwise I could go to jail as some sort of wild sex offender, so like... we ain't playing with that. Stay out, kids!
  2. Hate Speech will not be tolerated. Treat others with due respect.
    Slurs, harmful misinformation, and other such forms of "expression" shall not be tolerated. And we mean real slurs, not things assholes call slurs specifically to try and compare the hate they get for their shit ideologies to real problems people have to deal with for shit they can't control. No TERFs, is what I'm saying. Fuck TERFs. This is a house of love and we ain't gonna tolerate weirdos who just want to drag everyone else down. There is a word filter and I can, in fact, make it replace what you're saying with basically anything. The words I put in your mouth will not please you. There is also a reputation system in place, and you best bet that if I see someone waltzing around with some wild negative number I'll be looking into that.
  3. Please post under the appropriate categories.
    Sometimes we'll have to move a thread or something. We have the power! But please do not make it a full time job to keep on top of that. Willful misbehavior will be punished with warnings and bans.
  4. Do not derail discussions.
    Just make a new thread. We can have pretty much infinite threads! it even makes the place look livelier.
  5. No surprise lewds!
    This is the Ketirz forum. I'd like to think we're all pretty sex positive, but part of that is respecting consent. If you slap up some misleading thread title like "Cute Twilight Sparkle Drawing! <3" and it opens up into a photo of some gaping asshole, I will consider that a breach of consent. By Karnan law I think that means I get to murder you, but in this case the thread will be deleted and you will be banned. There is a [NSFW] thread prefix available to all users! Please use this to mark particularly saucy threads!

*This list will be updated as need be to reflect necessary changes and respond to undesirable behaviors. Ideally need will not be! Let's find out together.

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