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Posted by: Zaron - 12-01-2023, 12:56 AM - Forum: Dream Sphere - Replies (2)

= OUTPOST A-28 ASSET MODIFICATION LOG                  =

– ENTRY 01 :: 2137 / 8 / 1 –

Unit iteration seven adequately addresses cost and utility concerns raised by previous generations, which had in turn become relevant due to the critical failure of iteration two’s prototype trial.

Iteration seven is approved for a limited production trial within Atlantic Outpost #28. Doctor Adimon (active unit HQ-S-17) will oversee selection and installation of ten viable assets chosen from the outpost’s existing population, as well as initialization of reporting protocols.

- RD-02

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  About Kitty Treetz
Posted by: Zaron - 10-06-2023, 10:20 PM - Forum: Kitty Treetz - No Replies

Kitty Treetz is my fun little series of standalone smut stories! They are intended to release on a quarterly schedule, roughly in line with the changing of the seasons.

You can find a complete list of the illustrated offerings here on itch! They're $2.99 US each.

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Exclamation Where to Read Thralls
Posted by: Zaron - 10-06-2023, 10:09 PM - Forum: Witches' Thralls Discussion (NSFW) - No Replies

I get this question a lot, so I shall keep it to the point:

Witches' Thralls is a work in progress, and individual chapters are presently being presented on Patreon as they release for backers of all tiers.

I may eventually start releasing free chapters, or at least some manner of preview, once the first book is closer to being finished.

If you've been unable to read it, there may be spoilers in these forums! You've been warned!

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Posted by: Zaron - 10-06-2023, 09:40 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)


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  General Spritz's Slime-pocalypse Fated Gatcha Scenario!
Posted by: General Spritz - 12-31-2022, 02:38 AM - Forum: Fated Scenarios (Game) - No Replies

Welcome to the first ever Fated Scenario/Gatcha combo game ever! Our house has been surrounded by a horde of strange and (frequently) lewd slime-people! We'll need all the help we can get to break their cores and put a stop to this evil menace!


The slime-zombies need to have their cores broken in order for Spritz to get his slime back and start fighting back in earnest. Use whatever means you want to take them out; violence, guile, or follow along with their whims until their defences are down. Anything goes! 
As the game type suggests, there are two ways to play; Scenario and Gatcha. 

The Gatcha:

This is the safest, yet less rewarding way to handle the horde. Simple say your character's name, then the word "Gatcha," Then your preferred method of attack. (Attack, trick, or lewd.) You will receive a small blurb detailing your plan and how many slime folk you take out.

The Scenario:

The much more involved method, this way is much like any other Fated Scenario. Simply write out your method of attack, and you will be judge appropriately. However, bear in mind; The slime-horde is fickle and will add twists and/or fetishes as they see fit. Each response can, in turn, be responded to for the usual "double or nothing" strategy. Play it right, and you could net yourself some serious points.

This event will last until there is no more interest to be had. You may Gatcha pull as much as you like, provided there is no response incoming. Freely respond here with what you plan to do.

Good luck, and happy hunting!

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Posted by: General Spritz - 12-17-2022, 08:41 AM - Forum: Fated Scenarios (Game) - No Replies

(At the dead of night, in the cold and the dark, the world grows unnaturally still....)


(Beyond and below the snow-covered woods, a strange tension grows...)


(The winter creatures, what few were around, quickly run away as soft, nearly imperceptible footsteps gently grace the pure white snow...)


(A strange and mysterious figure moves quickly, yet unhurriedly, flowing over the frozen roots and streams, through dense brush and holes in cliff faces...)


(The stranger finally came to a hidden spring, the lights in her hair reflecting off of the strange slime-like water...)


(With a graceful flutter, the woman's robes fall off of her captivating form as she steps into the water to bathe....)


("Hope you enjoy my Christmas gift, my little slimeling." The woman chuckles as she starts to cleanse herself of impurities.)

(Elsewhere, in a small commune hidden in the mountains by the sea, the festivities were being set up with great joy...)


(The motley crew of strangers-made-family worked hard to spruce up the place for the holidays. Decorations were hung, ingredients were bought and stored, and both toys and "toys" were wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree...)


(With all of the holiday tasks done and dusted, there was little to do but eagerly await the special holidays yet to come...)


(Christmas Eve flew by quickly, and everyone in the commune eagerly went to bed that night, excited for tomorrow. But deep beneath their feet in the earth below, a strange lake begins to stir...)


(Christmas was finally here! There was laughter, feasts, and presents galore! And in the evening, there was one of the biggest orgies the commune had ever seen.

It wasn’t until much later that people realized that, at some point in the middle of the day, the slime-cat seemed to vanish into thin air…)


(Strange happenings started to happen as soon as Christmas was over. Odd noises from seemingly random places, bizarre tracks in the snow, and mysterious figures in the darkness of the nearby woods soon began to plague everyone living there…)


(Things came to a head when the chickens were spooked in the middle of the night and the shed looked like it had it’s door seemingly forced open. Everyone was debating about what to do the next day when the back door suddenly slammed open…)


(Everyone ran to the back door to find Spritz sprawled out on the floor, barely enough slime to cover his core. “C-Close the door!” He wheezed out of breath. Looking outside, everyone saw what had been chasing him;

Numerous humanoid figures in various body types, both male and female, were shambling forward at breakneck speeds. Each of them had one, both, or neither sets of genitals in various degrees of vulgarity. They had large cat ears on top of their faceless heads, but it wasn’t until they got closer to the light that everyone saw the worst aspect of it all…

Each of them had a large glittering core and was made out of slime, just like Spritz…)



(With some quick thinking, the back door was slammed shut just before the slime creatures could get inside. Looking out the window, even MORE were coming out of the woods as a shambling horde.

45 minutes later, with the house secured yet surrounded, everyone gathered in the main room to hear what the slime cade had to say about what was really going on…)


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  The Monkey's Paw (T)
Posted by: Zaron - 10-28-2022, 06:01 PM - Forum: Fated Scenarios (Game) - Replies (6)

You come across a withered old monkey's paw. The middle finger sticks straight out at you, and you'd be insulted if not for the literary knowledge you'd gained in grade school: this motherfucker could grant you your greatest wish! There's always a catch though, isn't there?

What do you wish for?

(OOC: wanted something simpler, having a hard time lately and need the juices to get flowing. Please keep in mind that the ironic twist is a thing and thus I advise against wishing for anything that might leave you deeply triggered even if you really really want it unless you feel emotionally prepared for that thing to somehow fuck with you. Thanks!)

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  Tipping the Scales (MG, T, D)
Posted by: Zaron - 10-11-2022, 10:52 PM - Forum: Fated Scenarios (Game) - Replies (4)

The odds of death in this scenario are higher than usual, but so are the rewards for success! Good luck!

It was just meant to be a simple hike. An expedition for your sonas together, bonding through the ancient art of exercise and its suffering. They forget which of them had the idea initially, which is a shame, because yours would love to scold them now that they're in a cage.

Imprisoned deep in a forgotten temple, this fun vacation diversion has turned into a rather prickly situation. Lamia - creatures with the tails of snakes but the torsos of men - slither to and fro outside, casting shadows through the slim windows atop your sona's stone cell. The situation in the prison is hardly any better, guards heckling and hissing at them as they pass by. Among their captors are two richly adorned figures who writhe along at their leader's side. The creatures are surprisingly chatty, both amongst themselves and in their jeering, but it's become rather clear that the women in question are the king's daughters.

One is a fiery redhead, strong and scarred, an experienced warrior with braided hair and blood-stained scales, seemingly more comfortable in armor than the decorations befitting her station. The other is a softer, comely creature, dressed in flashy jewelry and leaving little to the imagination as she sways through the halls and casts flirtatious gazes at every guard - man or woman - that crosses their path.

Less flirtatious is how she looks at her prisoners. She clearly has distaste for anything that isn't one of her own, which may be to the detriment of your sona's survival; word among the guards is that the princesses hold a great deal of sway with their father and people, and further are of age to begin seeking partners of a more permanent kind. Perhaps one's odds would be better with the warrior; though she speaks little compared to her sister, she looks upon her prisoners with a great deal more pity, as if she has something to say but can't bring herself to do it.

Regardless of how they go about it, the sonas are caught in a bad corner, well-guarded and running out of time. It is in this window of tension that the princesses begin visiting the prison alone in the night. Perhaps, with some well-considered conversation, all of our lovely vacationers can escape with their lives...

The Princesses each individually visit your cells in the night. You may attempt to strike up a conversation to get to know them and/or gather information to help your friends escape. It is relatively unlikely that your life will end here, provided that you do not directly antagonize your visitors or provide them cause to end you, but it could effect how things play out for you later. Whether you choose for your sona to ask a question here or simply sit silent and observe is, consequently, up to you.


Note that this scenario HAS CONTINUITY. What happens in phase 1 carries on to the next!

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Shocked Living shelter. (T)
Posted by: General Spritz - 10-11-2022, 09:46 PM - Forum: Fated Scenarios (Game) - Replies (3)

She came to you in a dream one night. Her features were beautiful and otherworldly, her movements graceful, but her voice seemed halting and wounded. She seemed to be running from something, but you couldn't fathom what. Magic flowed from her, reaching all around you like a cocoon of warmth and chaos. You managed to glance her visage through the storm, and you heard her voice as if it were flowing into your very soul.

Help Me

You awoke with a start, your adrenaline spiking. You took a second to catch your breath, then gave a light chuckle at how dramatic it was.

But then, your blood runs cold. Your voice has changed, somehow. It sounds like HER voice.

What do you do?

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  You Forgot to Say Goodbye (T)
Posted by: Lysanderish - 10-09-2022, 06:24 AM - Forum: Fated Scenarios (Game) - Replies (5)


There are 3 rules to using a ouija board. First, you must Never play alone. Nor shall you play within a graveyard. Lastly. You must always say, "Goodbye."

Easy to remember when you're a child at a sleepover listening wide-eyed as your best friend's older sibling explains the rules with undeserved gravity. It is, after all, a cheap piece of cardboard and an overgrown pizza table with a mean reputation. However, now that you're grown,  that last rule  has slipped your mind entirely at the Function, and you've all gone to bed without saying, "goodbye." 

Abandoned downstairs, the planchet moves on its own, unattended. Slowly, at first, it scrapes its plastic legs across the board to the f. Then the u. The c. The k. Finally, to the m and e before returning to the F to begin anew. Each time, it moves faster and faster until it is just a blur. 

As luck would have it, you woke up thirsty in the middle of the night.  As you are passing through the living room to get to the kitchen for a sippy - after which you'll contemplate a thirst of a different kind.  You almost don't notice the strange events occurring. Fortunately, the events have noticed you.

The planchet flies past your face and embeds itself in the wall. For the briefest moment, you saw through the lens in it's center and locked eyes with something big, red, and horny. 

What do, adventurer?

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