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Minor Changes (4/1/22)

Hi everyone! I know things are just getting started in here, but I am slowly working to make things more habitable. I've made the following tweaks over the last few days:

  • [NSFW] prefix added for all users. Please use this for applicable threads going forward!
    (Valid exception: If the entire subforum is flagged as NSFW, it is safe to assume everything in there is NSFW! I maybe don't need the prefix?? I have mixed feelings. Open to input.)
  • Finally wrote a first draft of the rules, hope that works.
  • Merged the Hare Moon subcategory with Pony After Dark. I just... don't think it's worth the distinction, presently.

Thanks for vibin'!

I suppose if the prefix exists I could merge the general creative subs into a single section, granted, and this does make it easier to post a NSFW challenge submission.... hrm

Now that I can reply here, I can make an entire post just to say that I think you could merge the creative subs yeah, and just use the NSFW tag.
Kazzie has the best pony OCs
My OCs (made by Kaz): Obsidian Lights, Astral Glow, Glistening Gemstone
[Image: obsidian%20lights%20200.png][Image: astral%20glow%20200.png][Image: glistening%20gemstone%20200.png]

I'll merge YOUR MOM with the NSFW tag lmao gottem *airhorn* *airhorn* *airhorn*

Anyway now that you're absolutely devastated (sorry you died) I went ahead and did that.

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