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Songs to Be Zera To

Sometimes when you're spinning around the headspace of an idea, something just leaps out at you as extremely and immediately relevant. How fun! This happens with Lonely sometimes too, maybe I should start a thread for that, I'd have a lot to put in that one lol.



Outside of the context of DS and Zera the Muse one is... VERY libertarian and I've kind of lost the love for it as a consequence.

This one I'm not sure really 100% meshes but it super has the right attitude and vibes so there's that.


Inversely, this one is EXTREMELY thematically on-point for where I want this story to go, god DAMN

Quote:This city's sleeping like a soldier
Trapped inside of an iron lung
Machines can keep you breathing
But what happens when you find a new war's begun?
Flip a switch and turn it off, you won't be able to breathe
So either way you're a casualty
I've got this burning like my veins
Are filled with nothing but gasoline
And with a spark it's gonna be
The biggest fire they've ever seen
Cut me down or let me run, either way it's all gonna burn
The only way that they'll ever learn- we've got to turn it off
Flip a switch
And light up the night
There is a city that this darkness can't hide
There are the embers of a fire that's gone out
But I can still feel the heat on my skin
And this mess we're in, where you and I
Maybe you and I
We can still make it right
Maybe we can bring back the light

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