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Advance Notice

Sometime next week (around May 6th, I think it said) Dreamhost is going to be pushing servers to PHP 8. I am not sure why they are doing this (PHP8 is presently an option as-is but is considered opt-in) or if I will be allowed to change my server's version back.

Given warnings on MyBB's website, it is safe to say this may very well disrupt or even shut down forum service until MyBB itself updates to comply with PHP8's changes. I am... unsure how to update MyBB if MyBB is not working, but I'll try and figure it out if it comes to that.

Hopefully I can just revert or opt out somehow, but, y'know, if not, here's your warning.

After some mild investigation:
- It's happening on the 4th, actually (Monday), in the wee hours of the morning.
- The option to change which version of SQL I'm using just seems to have vanished on me unless I'm being particularly stupid.
- BUT based on what I'm seeing from the MyBB devs, most of the boards still run on SQL 8, though we may encounter some errors that they would greatly like to have reported. This has been an ongoing effort since at least early 2021 so hopefully things are pretty stable in the end, though clearly there is still enough issue that they have a big honkin' "MAYBE DON'T" notice on the matter in the setup instructions. Let's find out together, I guess! :S

After more investigation:
- I found the PHP version toggle and can hop to anything from 7.1 or so up to 8.1 so I'm not sure wtf they're doing or how that's gonna look next week. Cool beans!

But the 4th is Wednesday. You mean the 2nd?

Hopefully, the forum just keeps working, but we'll fuck around and find out I guess.
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sorry sometimes when I look at a calendar I forget to change the month.

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