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[NSFW] General Spritz's Slime-pocalypse Fated Gatcha Scenario!

Welcome to the first ever Fated Scenario/Gatcha combo game ever! Our house has been surrounded by a horde of strange and (frequently) lewd slime-people! We'll need all the help we can get to break their cores and put a stop to this evil menace!


The slime-zombies need to have their cores broken in order for Spritz to get his slime back and start fighting back in earnest. Use whatever means you want to take them out; violence, guile, or follow along with their whims until their defences are down. Anything goes! 
As the game type suggests, there are two ways to play; Scenario and Gatcha. 

The Gatcha:

This is the safest, yet less rewarding way to handle the horde. Simple say your character's name, then the word "Gatcha," Then your preferred method of attack. (Attack, trick, or lewd.) You will receive a small blurb detailing your plan and how many slime folk you take out.

The Scenario:

The much more involved method, this way is much like any other Fated Scenario. Simply write out your method of attack, and you will be judge appropriately. However, bear in mind; The slime-horde is fickle and will add twists and/or fetishes as they see fit. Each response can, in turn, be responded to for the usual "double or nothing" strategy. Play it right, and you could net yourself some serious points.

This event will last until there is no more interest to be had. You may Gatcha pull as much as you like, provided there is no response incoming. Freely respond here with what you plan to do.

Good luck, and happy hunting!
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You're doing your best, and that's awesome.

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