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The Plan

My goal is to move the weekly / biweekly prompts from the Discord primarily onto the boards.

I think this will better support the format they've taken to. Prompts and submissions can have their own posts, a master list would be pretty easy to maintain if we wanted to build off of Swot's initial idea there, and we've even got attachment functionality for written work and the like (though I have not yet caught what the default per-user storage allowances are, so that may be of note).

I'm not sure if we would keep the Discord channels as a plan B of sorts or simply archive them.  I suppose it would depend on adoption rate.

Also, it turns out you can't use standard emoji in here. Good to know!

I'm sure the emoji thing can be fixed if its a problem for people.

I think you could keep just one channel in the discord to post new prompts with a link to the board, so people can know whats up if they forget to check the board I suppose, and maybe post submissions that made the 2 week window at the end of them. A sort of announcements channel.

You can definitely change user upload rates and shit in the admin panel somewhere, but maybe make a like higher tier user group that gets higher uploads than regular/new members, or have to unlock it past a certain amount of posts just in case trolls or something.
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I'm sure I can alter it, yeah. I just need to think ahead to how this could grow and consider that Dreamhost's "unlimited" hosting probably has a limit somewhere where they'd start to get mad at me lol. I think it'd still be best to host most things off-site one way or another, but the attachments can help out if folks don't have an imgr or the like.

I'd like it if there's still some cross-play between the forum and the Discord, tbh. I'm sure we'll think of something.
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You're doing your best, and that's awesome.

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